One person in the world Who knows me better than myself . One person in the world Who cares for me the most .   Somehow she knows when I am alone and lost. Somehow she knows When i need a pep-talk or a little bit of warmth.   When I miss her … More My MOM


Rain… After a long day of strain.. When i feel the little drops of rain touching my face. The best feeling in the world someone can ever have. It smoothly melts all my sorrow and pain.   It reveals some truth and dissolves some wound When it touches my eyelids it creates warmth in my … More Rain

A chance

    She found her way with a broken heart and a troubled mind. Realized the truth that’s not less than a hideous story.   Given a chance to grow up again Proved she is better than she was before. It’s not just a thing she got over with .it’s her life’s victory.   When … More A chance


    ଚାହିଁ ବସିଥିଲି ସେ ନୀଳ ସମୁଦ୍ର କୁ ଖୋଜୁଥିଲି କିଛି ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ ର ଉତ୍ତର .. ଭୁଲିବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଥିଲି ଅଭୁଲା ସ୍ମୃତି କୁ ଯୋଡିବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଥିଲି ସେ ଭାଙ୍ଗିଯାଇଥିବା ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ର ଘର . ବୁଝିବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଥିଲି ଜୀବନ କୁ.. ଅଙ୍କିବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଥିଲି ଗୋଟେ ନୂଆ ଭବିଷ୍ୟତ ର ଆଧାର. ସେ ନିସ୍ତବ୍ଧ ରାତି ରେ ସମୁଦ୍ର ର ସେ ଢେଉ ଗର୍ଜନ .. ଏକ ଭିନ୍ନ ମାଦକତା … More ଆଶା

Life isn’t SURE but some people make it “definite” only by their presence

    She kept staring at the birds outside of her window with tears in her eyes thinking   about the things happening in her life and trying to figure out a way out of the situation she is going through. In spite of trying to hold her tears back she realized after sometimes her lap … More Life isn’t SURE but some people make it “definite” only by their presence


ଖୋଜି ବସିଲି ମୁ ପୁଣି ତମକୁ ସେ ସ୍ମୃତି ର ମରୁଭୂମି ରେ ଖୋଜି ବସିଲି ମୁ ପୁଣି ତୁମକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିଯାଇଥିବା ମନ  ର ପ୍ରତିଟି ଖଣ୍ଡ  ରେ.   ଭଲ ପାଇଥିଲି ଗୋଟେ ଅବାସ୍ତବ  ସ୍ବପ୍ନ କୁ ଭଲ ପାଇଥିଲି ଗୋଟେ ସୁନ୍ଦର ମରୀଚିକା କୁ..   ଭାବିଥିଲି କରିବି ଗୋଟେ ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ର ଘର .. ଭାବିଥିଲି ବଞ୍ଚିବି ମୁ ଗୋଟେ ପାଗଳ ୍ରେମିକାର ଜୀବନ ..   ଏବେ ବି ରଖିଛି ସାଇତି … More ସ୍ମୃତି

Life is not fair always     Life is what we make it!    Everybody wonders if it is true if it is really applicable in our life. if it is just a quote or a phrase to go through bad times.! Life never gives you what you want and puts you in difficult situation … More