IT .The best option!

A 23 year old IT engineer working in a multinational company getting a good 6 digit salary having a safe and secure job when i look back a question comes to my mind “is it worth?”

It industry is one of the fastest growing industry involving quite a large amount of youngsters. It is really a big deal for a person at his/her 20’s to get a job in this industry. Almost every student in an average engineering college is competing for a job like this.

Now the question comes

Is it really fascinating as it looks from outside?

Is everybody working in a big company is getting a job satisfaction?

Is it the best career choice for someone?

There are so many things which we would never know until we are a part of this industry. Definitely the perspective of looking at this differs from person to person. Maybe i don’t have much of an experience in this field but i may have found out some pros and cons of a life in IT industry.


There are so many things fascinating about working in a big company, being part of a great leadership skill, getting a great knowledge exposure n etc ,So here are some pros working in IT industry.

  • You get to be a part of a big company.
  • If you are really good at your job you get motivated each day. Some people like it to be bounded by some rules and follow them strictly.
  • You get a good amount of 5 digit salary at the starting of your career.
  • Some companies even have a policy that after you training even if you don’t get allocated to a project you are not thrown out of the company you  get  a second chance (3 months) to revive your carrier.
  • You get to work in a cubicle sitting in front of a your computer and making some calls and having tea or coffee in your
  • You get some awesome policies like “work from home” and “no leave policy”, “flexi hours”
  • You are assigned a particular amount of task and need to complete it by the end of the day,


Most of this generation of this era are a big part of a this industry .Everyone wants just a chance to show their talent to the world just to get a chance in this field.

But is everyone getting that chance?

Is everyone working here is happy?

Here are some cons of a life in IT industry

  • Engineering being the ultimate carrier choice for a student now a day’s a and after getting a degree of engineering you land in an it company and before you can think anything you will get trapped in for loops.
  • You are just a drop of water to a big ocean .It is really tough getting a recognition and a good position after competing with people.
  • Nobody cares about your individual progress in the corporate world. All that matters is what you contribute to the company.
  • If someone is not happy with his/her job and thinking of quitting a job the “fear of future” comes to the picture “if not this then what?” so as a result you will always be lost in the flow.
  • Sitting in a cubicle working in a computer all day kills the creative mind of a person .After working 8 0r 9 hours a day sometimes its 12 there is no time left for creativity
  • Even after working for extra hours, meeting deadlines a person does not get an expected salary. This makes someone more frustrating and less interested in work.

These are lot of things which are relatable to most of the people working in this field. It is a best place to work when you are an expert in your field unless you will be lost in those cubicles and pantry rooms. There are a few people who really enjoy working here and getting promotions and big opportunities and there are people who are fed up of this life and  want to leave the job and want to do something creative and something that makes them happy but the “uncertainty of future” “fear of unemployment” is pull the down to that miserable life they are living.


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  1. It’s the story of most of us trapped in this glamorous yet pretentious life of an IT professional… Feeling low and dissatisfied yet not able to leave the job for the fear of what’s next… Hope we can do something out of our lives and not get stuck in cubicles…

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