Life isn’t SURE but some people make it “definite” only by their presence



She kept staring at the birds outside of her window with tears in her eyes thinking   about the things happening in her life and trying to figure out a way out of the situation she is going through. In spite of trying to hold her tears back she realized after sometimes her lap is almost wet with her tears. Just thinking about those things that happened and trying to find out a reason why it happened made her cry even more and more. It happens almost every day that she kept crying n crying in the process of making herself strong and trying to forget those things that had happened. She wonders if this is the end of the life or it is something that GOD is trying to tell her that you are strong enough and you can go through this situation. If she has done something wrong to deserve it or if this has happened for a reason.

There was a time when she was happy with her life not because everything was perfect but she had the courage and strength to make it perfect. She had imagined a life full of struggle but still a pinch of happiness in it .she had thought of a future not perfect but having a glimpse of her cherished memories that she had. She had a bucket full of dreams that she wanted to live with someone. She had a hope to be the “perfect one” for someone in spite of all her imperfections. She had a dreamt to have a life and a person that she can be proud of. She had imagined a life full of love and happiness.

But everything shattered into pieces just in a moment and left her stumped and baffled. Everything seemed turning into a bubble that lasted just for some second giving a false definition to life .She felt like life has cheated on her by giving her a flawed glance of a perfect future. She is remembering   those memories with a pen in her hand thinking that she can write something so that she can get rid of the pain that she is going through but her hands are shaking and eyes are shearing from the sleepless nights and continuous crying.

In the mean time while wiping out her tears she saw  whatsapp messages  from her beasties asking her if  she is ok and scolding her for no reason and getting angry with her over some stupid things unknowingly a smile came to her face just by looking at the messages .She realized still there are some people who will stand beside her at any point of her life, there are still some people who will try to clear out everything whatever the misunderstanding is just because they are not ready to let her go of their life, those people can make her smile even when she is divested  and want to run away from life. She realized those people can love her to the fullest in spite of all her tantrums, there are people who can give her the strength and courage back and make her a even better person than she was before. They can make her feel alive again even for some time when she  thought  her life is over .Instead of whining about the things she forgets all the pain and starts laughing with them over some stupid things for some time. She realized how lucky she is to find those persons in her life who can love her unconditionally no matter what the situation is and they really mean it when they say “I love you” :).

Anindita Rath


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