It’s never late to live your dreams.



At 4 o clock in the morning Ritisha rang the door bell of her house in spite of knowing that her father must b sleeping due to the medicines that he is taking for his high blood pressure and diabetes and her mother must b about to wake up to go for her morning walk. Holding back her tears she rang the bell and Mrs. Sharma her mother opened the door and she was shocked seeing her daughter in front of her. Without asking her any questions she brought her into the house and ran to wake up Ritisha’s father Mr. Sharma .They were terrified seeing her daughter’s face which looked so pale and week and was terrified to ask her anything.

Keeping her bags in the living room ritisha went to her room directly asking her parents to go to sleep and she will talk to them in the morning. She locked the door of her room and sat beside the window and started crying.


(2 years ago…)

Everyone was cheering for Ritisha sharma (ritu) in inter college fashion diva contest. She was fashion icon of her college at that time and one of the good students in her class and winner of “inter college fashion diva contest” for last 2 years .She again nailed the contest and won the crown. Her pretty face and ultimate attitude was perfect to be a fashion diva.  She instantly called up her father to give him the news her father was really happy hearing that.

She wanted to go for a carrier in modeling but her parents didn’t allow her to do that just like every other parent in a small town. They wanted her to get married as soon as possible because her father was getting retired in few years. Being a good daughter she agreed to the decision that her parents had taken for her and agreed for marriage.

It was a Saturday evening when one of her father’s friends called and informed Mr.sharma that he found a perfect boy for ritu.Mr.Sharma was really happy by the phone call and asked ritu’s mother to make the preparations for tomorrow as Samrat(the perfect boy) and his parents were coming to see ritu. The next day three of them arrived in front of her house at 3 o clock in the afrernoon.Everybody sat in the living room and started talking in the mean time ritu came from inside looking ravishing wearing a blue saree and holding a tray full of sweets and snacks just like the typical seen in a movie. While she entered the room she looked at Samrat and he gave her a smile when nobody was looking .They asked both of them to go to the lawn to talk privately if they want. Both of them went there and both of them were sitting silently for 5 minutes wondering what is supposed to be their first question to each other. Then Samrat looked at her and said “you are looking stunning today” and he liked the saree as blue was his favorite color. After that ritu gave a blushy smile and felt comfortable and started talking to him. Both of them talked for half n hour when her mother came to ask her how it is going .After they went ritu’s father asked her if she likes samrat or not she thought he is good looking, sweet and well behaved what else someone need in a perfect man. Her father was really excited hearing a Yes from her daughter even he liked samrat’s behavior as well. Everything was perfect and marriage date was fixed after 2 months of that day. Ritu ‘s father was ready to throw a grand party for his daughter’s wedding as she was their only child Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were ready to do anything to make it a grand celebration and a memorable day for her daughter.

After few weeks of her marriage samrat told her that he wants to quit his job and to start his own business and being a good wife ritu respected his decision and was more than happy to help him with anything in his business. Just after 2 days samrat asked her for all of her jewelry  that she got in marriage first ritu was a bit reluctant to give away all of them but she thought if this is gonna help him in any way then why not. After some days the real face of samrat came off he started abusing her and hitting her when he came home drunk at nights and there was nobody to help her in that situation. Even her in-laws were least bothered by the animalistic behavior of his son. One day in the morning after samrat went outside she went to her mother in law and told her about the behavior of samrat and instead of consulting ritu her mother in law said you should try to help him with his situation instead of complaining in front of me about my son. She even asked to ask her parents to help his son in law if he needs something.

Every night when ritu talked to her mom she didn’t let her know about anything that is happening with her she kept all the pain inside so that her parents can think that their daughter is happy in her new house. One day she was waiting for samrat at night so that they can have their dinner together in spite of all the torment she never forgets to set an example of a good wife. That day samrat came and straightly went to his room ritu went behind him and asked him come to the dining table for dinner. He pushed her to the wall and went to the washroom after he came out from the washroom she again asked him for dinner. Just by listening to her voice instantly he got angry and started beating her without any reason saying again and again that   “you bring me nothing but bad luck. I want you to get out from my life” she kept screaming out of pain but he didn’t stop he continued beating him till his hands were numb and she was almost senseless. Then he fell on the bed and slept like nothing happened  and ritu was laying there like a dead body unable to wake up unable to talk .After some time she  forced her to wake up and went to the washroom to wash her face. When she looked into the mirror she could not stop herself from crying seeing her face full of blood and body full of scars .Standing in the shower she kept thinking what had happened with her in just 7 months of her marriage. The next day in the morning when she woke up samrat was not there in bed he didn’t even bother to take her to a hospital after beating her up so badly. She woke up and packed all her cloths and went to her mother in law and said “please find a girl for your son who can slap him harder when he is gonna slap that her”.


(Present day…)

Thinking about all those things happened with her and  trying not to feel the all the pain in her body she realized It is 7 o clock .Her parents didn’t sleep that night after ritisha came home they were waiting for her daughter to tell them everything. After sometime ritu came out from her room told her parents everything that happened her mother was holding her hand and trying not to believe that some people have tortured her little girl so badly her father was wiping out his tears from his glasses. After she told them everything when her parents were trying to understand why it happened and cursing themselves what have they done to their daughter putting her in a hell hole.

The next day her father filed a case against samrat’s family and applied for a divorce on behalf of her daughter. Her parents were doing everything to compensate the pain that she has gone through .One day ritu was having lunch with her parents and there was a modeling show going on in TV. She looked at her father and asked “Daddy can I be a model now?“ With tears in  eyes her parents looked at her and smiled .The next day she left For Mumbai to start a new life and to be the person she always wanted to be instead of being someone’s showpiece in his house.




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